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What I Do and My Story

My journey started long ago. At the beginning of 2017, I was commissioned by the Pullman Chamber of Commerce to do photos for their travel guide. This was the start of my unrelenting drive to create photography capable of opening eyes to the beauty of Mother Nature and the rich cultures she has produced. For the next few years, I honed my artistic skills, booked weddings and corporate events, and had more published works. But there was a mysterious element missing in my work. And after much contemplation,

I finally realized what was missing: I wanted to use my photography to make the world accessible to everyone. I wanted to expose the different cultures, views, and ways of life around the world in such a way that fostered understanding and encouraged the acceptance of different perspectives.

This burning motivation is the essence of Majestic Nature Photography, my business focused on making travel and nature photography accessible to all. From the creation of educational content, to the promotion of cultural understanding and unity, I aim to serve as a catalyst for exploring the mysteries of our planet. Let me guide you through the four seasons, different cultures, and interesting people I have encountered on my travels.


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